SEO Marketing: What It Is and How to Get Started

Creating SEO-friendly content that your target audience finds valuable is the result of consistent effort. You’ll want to optimize every page of your website, including the home page, about page, and other static pages, as well as blogs, articles, sales pages, and lead capture landing pages. The first organic search result on Google receives 27.6 percent of clicks, according to Backlinko . LYFE Marketing Agency is a full-service social media marketing agency.

The more you write about a topic, the more you can demonstrate the depth and breadth of your knowledge and expertise. If there are big gaps in what you’ve covered, perhaps you aren’t an expert in those areas . Regularly revisiting your content compared to other articles or pages that have been published or improved since you published yours will help you make modifications over time.

The AI SEO tool provides you with a personalized growth plan that includes customized objectives alerts to help with SEO. OutRankning examines data from top-ranking sites and uses the information to find opportunities to help its users rank higher. From content writing to keyword searching to video creation, marketers should check out 17 AI SEO tools.

The questions, after all, serve the same user and are much less competitive. The most important step after looking up your head term is to look at Google’s generated filters, highlighted below. These days, most businesses understand the basic concepts of SEO and why it’s important.

Check if the competition has any subcategories you might want to consider adding or any informational content supporting certain products. This type of large-scale analysis can be helpful when you’re creating a longer-term plan and trying to iron out your strategy for the next 6-12 months.

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If you want to improve a certain page on your site, you can compare it with those currently performing better. This is a quick way to find the relevant keywords that you’re missing and make an optimization plan. There’s a wealth of data about what’s working on your own site, and you can use information on the organic keywords you already rank for to see if you can make improvements .

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When I was an SEO at a transportation startup, we were competing against transportation companies that had been in the industry for 30+ years. If you’d asked me years ago how I would approach beating this publisher, I would say that I would copy all of their categories and add three more just for kicks.

Next up, I’m going to dive a little more deeply into the SEO content strategy that’s driven millions of visits for the HubSpot blog. Backlinks are the most quantitative way to build authority in your industry.

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If you opt to use “noindex,” you’re communicating to crawlers that you want the page excluded from search results. By default, search engines assume they can index all pages, so using the “index” value is unnecessary. You can tell search engine crawlers things like “do not index this page in search results” or “don’t pass any link equity to any on-page links”. These instructions are executed via Robots Meta Tags in the of your HTML pages or via the X-Robots-Tag in the HTTP header. If you require users to log in, fill out forms, or answer surveys before accessing certain content, search engines won’t see those protected pages.

Content is more than just words; it’s anything meant to be consumed by searchers — there’s video content, image content, and of course, text. If search engines are answer machines, content is the means by which the engines deliver those answers. Just as a crawler needs to discover your site via links from other sites, it needs a path of links on your own site to guide it from page to page. If you’ve got a page you want search engines to find but it isn’t linked to from any other pages, it’s as good as invisible. Many sites make the critical mistake of structuring their navigation in ways that are inaccessible to search engines, hindering their ability to get listed in search results. When someone performs a search, search engines scour their index for highly relevant content and then orders that content in the hopes of solving the searcher’s query.